Red Sox's Kevin Youklis Engaged to Tom Brady's Sister Julie?

Credit: Daniel Boczarski/Getty; Joe Kohen/Getty

Gisele's sister-in-law may be marrying into another Boston sports empire!

Kevin Youkilis, third baseman of the Boston Red Sox, is engaged to Tom Brady's sister Julie, a Red Sox team source told the Boston Herald.

Youklis reportedly met Julie (a never-married schoolteacher with a 5-year-old daughter) at a New England Patriots bash in 2010.

The slugger and Enza Sambataro -- who once dated Ben Affleck -- dated for two years before splitting in 2010. He was spotted at Lucas Oil Stadium last Sunday as the New York Giants defeated the Patriots at the Super Bowl XLVI. 

"He's really lucky," a Youklis friend told the Herald. "[Julie]'s a really nice person, but all the Bradys are nice people." Quarterback Tom, 34, has three sisters overall.