Review: Magic Mike "Pulsates With Furious Energy"

Credit: Warner Bros

** 1/2

Any movie that features Channing Tatum leading a male dance revue in a sweaty version of "It's Raining Men" deserves praise. If only the rest of this edgy comedy were as gratifying. Tatum rides his recent hot streak playing the title character, a hard-working furniture designer by day and a suave gyrator by night.

Mike takes on a protege (Alex Pettyfer) and waits for his oily boss (Matthew McConaughey, perfection) to cash in and move the business from Tampa to Miami. The guys' backstage antics, in which they pick out teensy costumes, talk dance movies and, er, pump themselves up, pulsate with furious energy.

But outside the club, the film loses its footing with a misguided, grim drug sublot that relies too heavily on Pettyfer's underdeveloped character. The spotlight should have stayed on McConaughey and Tatum -- the two swaggering guys who deliver the most bang for your bucks.