Shakira Robbed Mid-Concert by Fan

Credit: Tony Barson/WireImage

-- Shakira was robbed mid-concert by a fan! During a Monterrey, Mexico show, the 34-year-old singer's ring was snatched off her finger. Always the professional, she didn't miss a beat in her performance! [Perez Hilton]

-- British pop star Adele admits to Rolling Stone that she doesn't like "going to the gym" and prefers "eating fine foods and drinking nice wine." Her weight, she says, is a non-issue. The Grammy winner does confess her unlikely fear: "I'm scared of audiences! One show in Amsterdam I was so nervous I escaped out the fire exit. I've thrown up a couple of times. Once in Brussels I projectile vomited on someone." [Rolling Stone]

-- Future princess Kate Middleton is not pregnant. Star Magazine claims the 29-year-old has an "undeniable glow" and is "bursting with the secret knowledge that she could soon be a mom." A spokesman for Buckingham Palace called the story "absurd" and "certainly not true." [Gossip Cop]