Presented By Levi's: Download John Legend's Single for Free!

Currently working on their own collaboration album Wake Up!, John Legend and the Roots unite to record "Our Generation" for Levi's Pioneer Sessions.

The group's album idea was born around the time of the 2008 presidential election when Legend says there "was a lot of energy in the country, a lot of feelings that we could, you know, we could all to something to make the country better and the world better." The guys chose to reference music from the '60s and '70s that reflected the idea that young people could make a difference. That's where the song "Our Generation," first recorded by soul singer Ernie Hines, came in.

Download the track for free!

"It says it all in the title, it says 'our generation.' It's saying basically, you know, we can't depend on the older generation to fix everything for us," Legend says. "We've got to educate ourselves, empower ourselves, use the power that we have to make the world better."

The Kills and Ryan Bingham will also release cover songs through Levi's Pioneer Sessions.