Angelina Jolie's Dad: All the Kids Are "Spectacular"


Jon Voight is a proud grandpa to daughter Angelina Jolie's six kids with beau Brad Pitt.

"The grandkids are quite spectacular, as everybody knows," Voight, 71, told at the Hollywood premiere of comedy Kick-Ass (Pitt is a producer) Tuesday night.

Jolie had been estranged from her dad since he publicly criticized her in 2002 for having "serious mental problems," but the two buried the hatchet last February. Voight was snapped then visiting the family in Venice, Italy, where Jolie is filming The Tourist with Johnny Depp.

"It's nice to have something that's positive!" Voight told Us after the trip.

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He’s not the only grandparent spending time with the Jolie-Pitt kids. Pitt's mom and dad baby-sat Knox and Viv, 21 months, in Venice last Sunday while the rest of the family went on a quick getaway to the South of France.

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