George Lopez: Sandra Bullock Is "Caring" Towards Baby Louis

Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for PCA

George Lopez - who knew for months that Sandra Bullock had adopted the baby from New Orleans but didn't say a word - is proud he was able to keep the news under wraps.

"I think I deserve friend of the year, right?" he told at the 10th Annual Lupus LA Orange Ball Thursday. "Can I get that title? Well, it's very private, and I think the press has done a pretty good job of letting her have her job with her child. It's very important."

Though the baby is still "very young," Lopez told Us one day he hopes the boy calls him Uncle George.

As for Bullock, 45, who will celebrate her first Mother's Day as a mom?

She's doing great, Lopez told Us, adding that she's "a caring mother, like all mothers."