Kendra Wilkinson Jokes About Giving Teething Hank "Whiskey and Brandy"

Credit: Courtesy of E!

Kendra Wilkinson's 3-month-old baby boy, Hank, is beginning to teethe.

"any mamas got any advice on when my baby teethes?" she asked on Twitter Wednesday. "I feel like he’s gettin there. i already have the teethers ready so i know that. lol."

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The advice she received?

"OK, I'm hearing whiskey n brandy," she Twittered. "lolol if that got out that i did that id be hung lololol."

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That's not all.

"lol now im hearing a pork chop bone n tequila lololol. This is an interesting topic," she wrote a few minutes later.

Teething isn't Hank's only milestone.

"he’s recognizing the dogs now...stares at them n he’s like What the heck r those things lol," she wrote.

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And he's also noticing girls.

Joked Wilkinson, "lil Hank's new thing is blowing bubbles n pushing buttons lol. He already loves cars n hes a huge flirt lolol...."