Courtney Love Claims She Hung Out With Jessica Simpson

Credit: Venturelli/WireImage; Brian Ach/WireImage

Talk about an odd couple.

In a series of Twitter posts, Courtney Love claims she hung out with Jessica Simpson Friday night. "We chewed Nicorette," she wrote in a message to Billy Corgan and Simpson's ex John Mayer, who once called her "sexual napalm."

In her message, Love also referenced Mayer's "napalm" comment and added that Simpson was "hawt as hell" and that they "bonded."

Next, Love Twittered to Simpson, saying she won't "say anything stupid" but had a serious question for her.

She then praised Simpson for being "really hot" and being "a very hardworking pop singer who deserved success."

But she asked: "why the HE:LL [sic] do you chew Nicorette gum and are addicted to it yet have never smoked in yr life? Dude i do blonde things too."

The rest of Love's messages didn't make much sense; Simpson never Twittered back to her, either.