Nick Lachey Becomes Jersey Shore's Ronnie!

Celebrity News Jan. 23, 2010 AT 6:53PM

It just might be the movie role of a lifetime for Nick Lachey: playing Ronnie Magro in Jersey Shore: The Movie!

Lachey greased up his hair, piled on the gold jewelry and did his best "guido" accent in a mock "preview" clip for a big-screen dramatization of MTV's reality smash that aired Friday on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

See stars like Angelina Jolie and Kristen Stewart with Snooki's hair!

"Never fall in love on the Jersey Shore," Lachey-as-Ronnie says, "Unless it's with something you really wanna rock -- like an Italian girl or a Camaro."

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Also joining Lachey in the fun: Book of Eli actress Mila Kunis as Snooki ("That's some good pickle!") and comedian Thomas Lennon as The Situation.

Watch little kids spoof the Jersey Shore!

Intones the preview narrator: ""The only thing they love more than ham is the duck phone!"

Watch the hilarious clip now!

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