Patrick Stewart, 72, Eats "First Ever" Slice of New York Pizza: Picture

Sir Patrick Stewart, 72, tweeted a photo of himself eating his "first ever" slice of New York pizza on May 29. Credit: Courtesy of Patrick Stewart

Never too old to try something new! Sir Patrick Stewart surprised his Twitter followers on Wednesday, May 29, when he shared a picture of himself eating a slice of pizza in a New York shop -- and claimed it was his first time.

The 72-year-old X-Men: Days of Future Past actor tweeted, "My first ever pizza 'slice.' Please note: the authentic NY fold." In the funny photo, Stewart, wearing a Montreal Canadiens cap, sipped a tiny soda in one hand while posing with his pizza slice in the other.

First slice of pizza ever or first slice of New York pizza? Stewart has yet to clarify that to his concerned fans. One asked the Star Trek actor, "You're 72, how is this possible?" Another inquired, "HOW has this taken so long?"

Either way, the British star has surely been missing out. Stewart has been living in Park Slope, Brooklyn for nearly a year now. He moved into a $2.5 million duplex with a stunning rooftop deck in August 2012.