Prince Harry's South Pole Excursion Delayed Due to Inclement Weather

Prince Harry's trek to the South Pole has been delayed due to inclement weather. Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Even royalty deals with bad weather! Prince Harry and his team, who embarked on a South Pole expedition with Walking With the Wounded in late November, have been suspended due to inclement weather and severe conditions, a rep from Walking With the Wounded confirms to Us Weekly. 

With about 70 miles (112km) to go until they reach the South Pole, the three teams have stopped racing. 

"I made the decision to suspend the race," expedition director Ed Parker told Us. "The reason for this is entirely simple -- safety."

But Parker is confident the journey will continue for all of the teams. 

"We came here determined to get 12 men and women, all injured in combat, to the South Pole, and so we will," he told Us. "By Friday or Saturday next week, I strongly believe that every member of the expedition will be on the South Pole, celebrating what will have been the most extraordinary shared journey." 

Prince Harry's trip was initially delayed due to bad weather on Nov. 24. The trek will go on, but Walking With the Wounded confirms it is no longer a race.