Ben Stiller Reprises Zoolander Role on Saturday Night Live

Derek Zoolander is back!

Ben Stiller reprised his role as "New York's hottest male model" during Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update sketch on October 8, joining city correspondent Stefon (Bill Hader) and host Seth Meyers. The reason for his return? To promote his upcoming Halloween party with Stefon.

"For too long, Halloween in New York has been a quiet, almost religion-y holiday for old people and babies, but that's all about to change," the 45-year-old star said. "This year, I'm hosting a VIP blowout in New York's hottest neighborhood" -- south of West Houston below lower Hoboken.

"I want to use this party as a message, a message that I want to spread, that you don't need illegal drugs to have a good time," Zoolander explained. "There are plenty of good prescription drugs."

Don't expect Zoolander or Stefon to wear any over-the-top costumes at their Halloween bash, though. "I'm wearing my new look," Zoolander said. "Cold coffee!"

All proceeds from the party will go to benefit the Derek Zoolander Foundation for Fat Kids Who Are Fat But Not in a Cute Way Like That Fat Kid on Modern Family.