Claudia Schiffer vs. Demi Moore: Who Looks Better Nude and Pregnant?

Battle of the naked bumps!

Nine-months-pregnant Claudia Schiffer, 39, bares all on the June issue of German Vogue -- in a strikingly similar one Demi Moore copped for a 1991 Vanity Fair cover, taken when she was seven months pregnant with daughter Scout.

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Schiffer has said she loves being pregnant, despite her beer cravings (now she drinks non alcoholic).

"Before my pregnancies, I was someone who had to watch her weight. I had a personal trainer, I was working out, I would never eat anything sweet..." said Schiffer, who is expecting a girl with her husband, director Matthew Vaughn. (They are already parents to Caspar, 7, and Clementine, 5.)

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"Anyway, I got pregnant and when I was breastfeeding, [the extra pounds] just came off," continued the supermodel. "I can eat whatever I want. If I don't eat enough, I will lose weight."

Who looks better nude and pregnant?


Who looks better nude and pregnant?

Claudia Schiffer
Demi Moore
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