Meet Phillies Shortstop Jimmy Rollins' Adorable Daughter, Camryn Drew!

Credit: Ryan Joseph

The real All-Star in Jimmy Rollins' household? His new daughter!

The Philadelphia Phillies player, 33, and his wife Johari, 31, welcomed their first child together in May, a baby girl named Camryn Drew.

Rollins gave his wife of two years a couple of extra special -- and totally unexpected -- push presents after Camryn's birth.

"Johari was great during the delivery! She said she didn't want a push present, but I got her the Audi A8 . . . and one she doesn't know I have for her," he tells Us.

As for settling on their new daughter's name?

"I liked Camryn and Jimmy liked Drew, and when we saw her for the first time, we just kind of looked at each other and said, Camryn Drew it is!" Johari explains.

Rollins may be new to parenthood, but he's already an expert in one department.

Jokes the MLB star, "My diaper skills are professional level!"