Pete Wentz: I've Stopped Using "Naughty Words" Around Bronx

Credit: James Devaney/WireImage

No need to alert the censors: Pete Wentz's conversations are strictly PG after becoming a father to Bronx in 2008.

"As a parent, I'm finally being able to get my mouth to behave itself as far as saying naughty words," Wentz told at the Rolling Stone party Friday in Las Vegas. "He says everything!"

The 31-year-old Fall Out Boy bassist -- who married pop star Ashlee Simpson two years ago -- says it wasn't hard to cut curse words out of his vocabulary.

"It's one of those things where he's so awesome, he just makes me smile," Wentz explained of Bronx, 2. "Even when he says [bad words] back it's like, 'No way!'"

And Bronx's parents can't believe how quickly their son is growing up.

"He's becoming a human being," Wentz told Us. "It's so crazy to watch something that was a baby become something so animated, so smart and so personable."