Brazilian Man Busted for Using Fake Jack Nicholson Photo ID!

Credit: Recife Police photo/XPOSUREPHOTO


Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros was arrested for using a fake ID to open a bank account in Recife, Brazil on Tuesday. But not just any fake ID -- according to a report by CNN, Barros tried to open the account using a card with Jack Nicholson's likeness on the front. (The name he provided to bank employees was Joao Pedro dos Santos).

Prior to his Tuesday arrest, police in Recife had been tracking the 41-year-old--who bears absolutely no resemblance to the 74-year-old Oscar winner--for over three months.

In addition to his latest--and most ridiculous--violation, Recife's police chief, Erivaldo Guerra, told reporters Barros is suspected of using his collection of false monikers to open multiple bank accounts and credit cards. (Barros even managed to take out a business license using fraudulent identification). At the time of his arrest, Barros reportedly had six different IDs in his possession, along with a number of checkbooks and credit cards.

Currently, Barros being held in jail while he awaits trial, and has been charged with the use of false documents, as well as falsification of a public document.