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Kailyn Lowry Explains Why Twin Babies’ Initial Sex Reveal Was Incorrect

Kailyn Lowry Explains How Her Twin Babies Sex Reveal Went Wrong
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Kailyn Lowry was just as confused as fans were about the initial sex reveal of her twin babies.

The pregnant Teen Mom 2 alum, 31, took to TikTok on Monday, November 13, to clarify why she and boyfriend Elijah Scott initially thought they are having twin boys, only to discover they are expecting a baby boy and girl.

A few weeks into her pregnancy — which she announced last month — Lowry underwent a blood test to find out the sex of her twins. “They said that if there’s boys, then they would pick up an XY chromosome on the test. If they were two girls, it wouldn’t show, and so, you would know both of them are girls,” she stated in her storytime. “However, when you get the test back, if there are any XY [chromosomes], you assume that they’re both boys — I assumed they were both boys.”

She and Scott proceeded to throw a twin boys sex reveal party for friends and family, during which “one of the smoke bombs didn’t go off.”

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However, in the email containing the information about the twins’ sex, Lowry noticed that it said she would be having a “boy,” not “boys.” She explained: “If they are fraternal and there is boy/girl, only the boy chromosome will show up in the test. So, obviously, we didn’t know that right away, and now we know.”

Several weeks later, a doctor informed that couple that one of the babies appeared to be a girl, though they weren’t able to “100 percent confirm” it at the time. “It wasn’t until later on, they were like, ‘OK, well one might actually be a girl,’ and then, obviously, by the 20-week anatomy scan, they were like, ‘OK, one is a girl,’” Lowry added. “So, that’s why we didn’t know and the initial email and the smoke bomb and all of that. We thought that they were both boys.”

Kailyn Lowry Explains How Her Twin Babies Sex Reveal Went Wrong
Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

The former MTV personality later filmed another sex reveal video, in which her kids kicked soccer balls containing blue and pink powder. (She shares son Isaac, 13, with ex Jo Rivera, son Lincoln, 9, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and sons Lux, 6, and Creed, 3, with ex Chris Lopez. In July, Lowry revealed she welcomed her first child with Scott, son Rio, in November 2022.)

In the clip, Lincoln burst into tears of joy upon learning he will soon have a little sister. “What’s the matter?” Lowry asks her son. “I know you really wanted one.”

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Earlier this month, Lowry shared why she thought her twins could be girls in another TikTok upload. “I went to a new nail place today and I’m just sitting there talking to the girl next to me and the lady who’s doing her nails, and [the nail technician’s] saying how she has twin girls,” she shared on November 2.

Lowry took the nail technician’s comments as a sign she could be having twin girls as well. “Like, what are the odds that I tried a new nail place and she has twin girls?” The TV personality added that she would be taking a blood test to find out the twins’ sex later that day.

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