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‘Love Is Blind’ Alum Shayne Jansen Defends Nick and Vanessa Lachey as Hosts Amid Reunion Backlash: They Are ‘Extremely Nice’

Love Is Blind Alum Shayne Jansen Defends Nick and Vanessa Lachey as Hosts Amid Reunion Backlash
Shayne Jansen Ser Baffo/Netflix

After the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion, many viewers questioned Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey as hosts, but former contestant Shayne Jansen has their backs.

“They were the nicest humans during my experience,” the real estate agent, 33, wrote via his Instagram Stories during a Wednesday, April 19, Q&A when asked if Vanessa, 42, was “always like” how she acted during the reunion, per Page Six.

The Perfect Match alum added: “Nick shot the s–t with us talking football, etc. They were extremely nice.”

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The Chicago native appeared on season 2 of Love Is Blind, which started streaming last year. After sparking immediate pod connections with Shaina Hurley and Natalie Lee, he opted to propose to Lee, 30. However, the pair broke up on their wedding day. (The former fiancés briefly dated after the reality TV show but called it quits for good several weeks later.)

Love Is Blind Alum Shayne Jansen Defends Nick and Vanessa Lachey as Hosts Amid Reunion Backlash 2
Nick and Vanessa Lachey Adam Rose/Netflix

Nick, 49, and Vanessa, who wed in 2011, have cohosted the Netflix reality TV show since its first season, which debuted in 2020. Despite the married couple maintaining that they believe in the Love Is Blind experiment, viewers and other cast members called out Vanessa for her line of questioning during the Sunday, April 16, reunion.

“I was like, ‘F—k man.’ They kept drilling, drilling it down on me,” Paul Peden told Entertainment Tonight on Sunday. “I think I said my piece. I think Vanessa might have had a little bit of personal bias in that scenario or at least I kind of detected that. I don’t know. But that’s just my assumption based on how she continued to drill into it after I gave my full rationale for why I felt the way that I did.”

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During the special, Vanessa spoke with Peden about his decision to break up with fiancée Micah Lussier on their wedding day, trying to understand why he said that he couldn’t see Lussier, 27, as a future mother to his children.

The former MTV VJ, who has since apologized to the 28-year-old scientist, later praised the entire season 4 cast for their candor throughout the Netflix process.

Love Is Blind Alum Shayne Jansen Defends Nick and Vanessa Lachey as Hosts Amid Reunion Backlash Season 4
(L-R) Marshall Glaze, Irina Solomonov, Nick Lachey, Micah Lussier, Vanessa Lachey, Paul Peden, Tiffany Pennywell, Brett Brown, Chelsea Griffin, Kwame Appiah, Zack Goytowski, and Bliss Poureetezadi at Sunset Bronson Studios for the Love is Blind season 4 reunion. Adam Rose/Netflix

“I want to take a moment, on this platform, to acknowledge the intense vulnerability that goes into our show (each season). I’m so proud of this cast and their willingness to put themselves out there,” Vanessa, who shares three children with the Masked Singer champ, wrote via Instagram earlier this month. “It wasn’t easy and this has been a LONG process to get to the reunion. Please keep in mind online (and in life) that ‘words have weight.’ What you say to someone you don’t know (and don’t know the whole story to) can have a lasting affect on them… in many different ways. Mental health should always be treated with respect.”

During Sunday’s reunion, which did not air live as planned due to technical issues, the Ultimatum cohosts chatted with the most recent pod squad about their experiences and life after the altar.

“There’s really no way to predict or know how anyone is gonna act at any given point,” the former 98 Degrees member previously told Us Weekly in March 2022 of filming the Love Is Blind reunions. “So, I didn’t go in with any kind of expectation. I knew there were certainly some things that people felt like they wanted to get some closure on, and I think that those were accomplished for the most part.”

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Nick added at the time: “It’s really [difficult] when you’re dealing with emotion and humans and their lives, and there’s really no way to predict how that’s all gonna go down, honestly.”

Love Is Blind season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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