Amy Winehouse Avoids Jail for Hair-Pulling at Mickey Rooney Show

Celebrity News Jan. 20, 2010 AT 9:53AM
Amy Winehouse Avoids Jail for Hair-Pulling at Mickey Rooney Show Credit: Neil Mockford/FilmMagic

Amy Winehouse won't be going behind bars for assaulting a theater manager in December, the Associated Press confirms.

The "Rehab" singer pleaded guilty in court near London Wednesday to charges of disorder and common assault during a Dec. 19 "pantomime" performance of Cinderella starring Mickey Rooney. Winehouse, 26, had earlier confessed to quaffing five vodka and cola drinks that evening. During the performance, audience member Winehouse disrupted the performance by raising her voice, and one theatergoer asked her to be quiet.

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The star later left the auditorium to use the restroom; when she asked manager Richard Pound for another drink, he suggested she have a glass of water instead and asked her to leave. Winehouse's attorney said in court that she felt "hurt, embarrassed and patronized" by Pound -- and she retaliated physically. She "grabbed his hair and pulled," according to court testimony.

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Winehouse admitted in court that she had "lashed out," but also provided evidence that she has since attempted to curb her drinking.

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The singer must pay Pound 185 pounds ($300) and was given a conditional discharge -- she'll avoid additional punishment if she stays out of trouble for two years.

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