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Rachel LeWinter


Fashion Director Rachel LeWinter has a photographic memory for red carpet looks and celebrity style, but can’t remember what she had for lunch yesterday. She firmly believes that comfort is key (you’ll never catch her teetering in high heels) and that anyone can try a Hollywood fad (she’ll find the best bargain, to boot). Her current favorite trends include tie-dye and anything from the 90s, but she sincerely hopes that low-rise denim never comes back in style (long live mom jeans!). When she isn’t scouring the Internet looking for the best products to feature in the print style pages, she’s adding to her New York City “fun list” of activities to do, or planning her next international adventure.

Work or writing background leading to expertise

Rachel spent seven years at Time Out New York covering everything from sample sales to beauty trends to fitness fads. She styled celebrity covers (Zoe Saldana was the nicest!) and interviewed stars inside their homes (Joan Rivers’ Upper East Side closet tour remains a favorite). She started at Us Weekly in 2014 as senior market editor and in early 2018 was promoted to fashion director.


Rachel studied at the University of Florida, and will probably go down in history as the only student to never attend a football game. As a Miami native, she happily returns home to visit family and friends during the polar vortex-cold NYC winters.