Emma Bunton's Missing Labrador Puppy Found Dead

Emma Bunton in London on February 6, 2013. Credit: WENN.com

Emma Bunton is in need of some serious cheering up after finding her beloved chocolate labrador pup Phoebe dead on Wednesday, Feb. 6, after an intense three-day search.

"To all the amazing people who supported us at this horrible time Our precious phoebe has been found and its terrible news, we are devastated," the former Spice Girl tweeted to fans Wednesday morning.

Bunton, 37, first reported Phoebe missing on Monday, Feb. 4, during her daily walk in the Hadley Wood suburb of London.

"My gorgeous brown Labrador went missing on daily walk, she will be so scared please look out around east barnet, Hadley wood, Trent park," she tweeted to her more than 890,000 followers. The devastated UK star even enlisted the help of DogLost, a volunteer organization that reunites lost pets and their owners.

Bunton's ex-band mates Mel C and Geri Halliwell tweeted separate messages in hopes of locating Baby Spice's "gentle" pet.

"I'm in bits, thank you for all your reassuring messages! Please keep looking," Bunton tweeted Monday.