Morning Rush: Naomi Campbell Stars in Dunkin Donuts Commercial

· Naomi Campbell is making money off her bad reputation. She shot a commercial for Dunkin' Donuts on Monday which shows her gardening in an evening dress, before something goes awry and she throws her high heel through a window. Next to her is a calm and collected woman sipping on a frozen Dunkin' Donuts drink...

· Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias continue to be coy about whether or not they're married. When the New York Daily News recently wished the tennis star congratulations on their rumored nuptials, she replied, "Thank you."

· Motley Crue have filed a $20 million lawsuit against one of their managers, claiming "greed," "extortionist tactics" and terrible career advice caused the band to lose millions of dollars in profits and tarnished the band's stellar reputation.

· Anne Hathaway dropped out of the lead for Knocked Up because she took issue with (SPOILER ALERT!) the graphic birth scene which shows a baby's head crowning in a vagina.

· A gay activist has rallied over 1200 people to sign a petition in defense of Isaiah Washington, demanding that ABC rehire the former Grey's Anatomy star.

· Does John Travolta blame psychiatric drugs for the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech and Columbine? "I still think that if you analyze most of the school shootings, it is not gun control. It is [psychotropic] drugs at the bottom of it," he tells this month's W magazine.