Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker

Full Name: Brooklyn Decker

Hometown: Kettering, OH

Relationship Status: Married to Andy Roddick


Boy-girl-boy-girl: "The key word for my style is balance. I love to balance masculinity and femininity," says the fashion-edgy Sports Illustrated cover girl (and wife to Andy Roddick). "I love to balance lengths, a loose top with something tight on the bottom. I think a snug dress with a men’s blazer is really cool and sexy."
Modernizing '80s-era Madonna: North Carolina native Decker, 22, who moved to New York four years ago -- and has an column, workout DVDs, and a DirectTV show coming soon -- cautions, "I wouldn’t recommend wearing just lingerie as a top. But Victoria’s Secret has really beautiful, lacy, elegant tops that can go under a leather jacket with jeans."
Can she kick it?: Yes she can. "It was really, really, really hard for me to buy them,” says Decker about the $1,100 Chloe black motorcycle boots she picked up two years ago. "I just couldn’t get over the price! But I wear them every single season, and I will have them forever."
Best fashion tip: "Don’t show off too much. I’m all for women being sexy and beautiful. I think the woman’s body is absolutely gorgeous. But I think you can be sexy without showing it all off."