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‘VPR’ Season 11 Reunion Part 2: Ariana Calls Out Lala, Tom Schwartz Is Accused of Gaslighting and More

VPR Season 11 Reunion Part 2 Ariana Calls Out Lala Tom Schwartz Is Accused of Gaslighting and More 347
Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

The newest installment of the Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion drove an even bigger wedge between several cast members.

During the second of three parts, which aired on Tuesday, May 21, Ariana Madix felt more comfortable calling Lala Kent out for her comments. Ariana, 38, specifically wasn’t here for Lala, 33, trying to create issues between her and Katie Maloney.

Lala surprised her fellow costars — and Us — when she previously claimed Katie, 37, was saying things behind Ariana’s back that she refused to acknowledge on screen. The second part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion picked up with Katie defending herself while Ariana remained in her corner.

Meanwhile, Lala only received support from Scheana Shay as she kept questioning Ariana and Katie’s decisions. The Bravo special also introduced Ally Lewber and Jo Wenberg, who popped in to hash out their story lines from season 11.

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The situation took a turn when Lala shamed Tom Schwartz for how he treated Jo before they called it quits on screen. The latest episode ended with a preview for the final part, where host Andy Cohen revealed that the cast would be watching the last minutes of the season 11 finale in front of each other.

Keep scrolling for the biggest revelations from the second part of the Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion — and details on the trailer for the final installment:

The Conclusion to Katie and Lala’s Argument

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Kim White/Bravo

Going off of their back and forth from the first part, Lala accused Katie of not being “100 percent authentic” while cameras were up. Ariana disagreed with Lala, who didn’t seem concerned about where her friendship with Katie goes from here.

“Who knows after right now? I love Katie. I ride hard for her all the time,” Lala said about her bond with Katie over the years. “This season what she was saying was nothing that wasn’t understandable. But when I tried to have those conversations because I find them extremely interesting and extremely productive and I love filming this show because we have uncomfortable conversations and I felt, like, I was talking to my best friend and she’s looking at me like I’m crazy.”

Katie said she didn’t like being called “fake and phony” for not wanting to air out past drama. After Lala assumed she and Katie would be “on the up” after the reunion, Katie made it clear she didn’t agree.

“This is just bulls—t. I am not going to be told what I think and feel,” she replied. “If I had something to say, I would f—king say it.”

Brock Comes for Schwartz

During a tense moment at the reunion, Schwartz, 41, was in for a surprise when Scheana’s husband, Brock Davies, blamed him for Katie having trust issues. Brock, 32, specifically called Schwartz out for being unfaithful throughout his marriage to Katie.

“But you’re also the catalyst because you tore away all the confidence that woman ever had in herself. After the continuing betrayal of your actual marriage,” Brock told a shocked Schwartz while Scheana added, “You were a s—t husband.”

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Scheana Claims Sandoval Made a Move When He Was With Kristen Doute

VPR Season 11 Reunion Part 2 Ariana Calls Out Lala Tom Schwartz Is Accused of Gaslighting and More 346
Griffen Nagel/Bravo

According to Scheana, 39, every male Vanderpump Rules cast member flirted with her over the years. She said James Kennedy came onto her during season 4 or 5 while he was drunk at SUR behind his DJ booth. Sandoval, 41, meanwhile, attempted to start something when he was still dating Kristen Doute in the early seasons.

“One time when we were in New York during the early seasons, we were there for Watch What Happens Live With Jax [Taylor] and Stassi [Schroeder],” Scheana recalled. “We went back to his room and raided the minibar and he was telling me how he and Kristen hadn’t been intimate in so long. I felt like he was coming on to me.”

Sandoval initially said he didn’t remember the encounter. But when Andy asked how “the sex” was, Sandoval joked, “I woke up with lockjaw and s—t out a condom two weeks later.”

Katie Hints She Hooked Up With Max Again

Season 11 dropped a bombshell when Brock told Schwartz that Katie hooked up with his best friend Max Boyens. Brock and Scheana found out when she tracked Max’s location and saw he was at Katie’s house.

Schwartz mentioned during the reunion that Katie “leveled the playing field” by crossing a boundary with the hookup. Meanwhile, Andy asked whether it was a one-off or if Katie and Max slept together more than once.

“I don’t know. I can’t remember,” she teased.

Lala’s Right to Boundaries Over Ariana’s Boundaries

Scheana Shay Laughs Off Jokes About How Everything Affects Her Something Is Finally About Me 67
Casey Durkin/Bravo

After Lala’s public split from ex-fiancé Randall Emmett, she warned her costars on screen not to speak with her ex. The comments resurfaced at the reunion when Andy pointed out that Lala didn’t provide the same courtesy when Ariana said she didn’t want her friends on friendly terms with Sandoval following his affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss.

“There’s one giant difference. I have a child involved and I’m in a custody battle. My ex did not call Tom Schwartz over because he likes to spend time with him. There is a motive there and I was fighting for the wellbeing of my child,” Lala, who shares 3-year-old daughter Ocean with Randall, 53, added. “Unless you have a child and you have been in my situation, you will never understand it.”

Scheana came to Lala’s defense by pointing out that there were “more allegations” against Randall than Sandoval.

“I still think she’s allowed to have boundaries, too,” Katie told Lala, who replied, “This is where I get confused. There’s a boundary but she’s sleeping down the hallway and has a new boyfriend.”

In response, Ariana pointed out the hypocrisy. “Was there an issue when Katie started to date after her divorce? She had clear boundaries of what she was comfortable with and what she wasn’t,” Ariana told Lala while pointing out how she “supported” her. “All you had to do is say, ‘I respect your [boundaries].'”

Lala fired back that she didn’t “understand” Ariana’s boundaries. Ariana, however, pointed out that she didn’t need to.

“I do understand yours but if I didn’t I would respect them,” Ariana continued. “The way you are talking right now is not very respectful.”

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Lala Accuses Ariana of Not Supporting Her Until Bravo Showed Unseen Footage

VPR Season 11 Reunion Part 2 Ariana Calls Out Lala Tom Schwartz Is Accused of Gaslighting and More 349
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

While referring to a season 10 scene where Charli Burnett threw shade at her personal life, Lala questioned why Ariana didn’t defend her. Ariana clarified that she issued Lala an apology that never aired.

Bravo subsequently played back their conversation from the unaired moment. “It didn’t air but you want to act like it didn’t happen?” Ariana asked.

The clip showed Ariana expressing remorse over not speaking up, telling Lala, “When she said that, I remember thinking, ‘That is really over the top.’ But my reaction should have been, ‘That is really over the top. Don’t do that.'”

Ariana continued to call out Lala’s behavior, saying, “I have always known your situation is different and I have always f—king supported it. You talk louder than everybody and so you are right.”

Why Ariana Didn’t Tell Scheana About ‘DWTS’

Gleb Savchenko Glad Scheana Shay Did Not Join Dancing With The Stars DWTS Would Not Have Same Chance as Ariana Madix 2
Ariana Madix Disney/Eric McCandless

In case Vanderpump Rules viewers forgot, Scheana was very affected by Ariana not telling her she was joining Dancing With the Stars. Ariana offered her side of the story when she mentioned how “a leak” caused her to keep the information limited.

“I was very tight-lipped about it from that point forward. I certainly didn’t hold it from you or try to keep it from you,” she explained. “I didn’t trust that she wouldn’t be overheard. No. Because she’s a public figure who is being watched under a microscope.”

Despite being ready to join the show at a moment’s notice, Scheana said she couldn’t consider an offer from DWTS until “next year” because she was so booked up.

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Schwartz Is Accused of Gaslighting Jo

VPR s Jo Wenberg Considers Tom Schwartz Her Other Half Despite Him Dating Sophia
Jo Wenberg and Tom Schwartz. Courtesy of Jo Wenburg/Instagram

Schwartz initially started dating — or at least casually seeing — Jo in the aftermath of his and Katie’s divorce. After confirming at the season 10 reunion that he and Jo hooked up, the pair was featured more prominently on the next season of the show.

As Bravo viewers watched their dynamic unfold, Schwartz and Jo individually discussed what led to their split. Schwartz specifically got backlash for seemingly stringing Jo along with no intention of actually dating her. The topic came back up again during the second part of the reunion when Schwartz argued that he didn’t mislead Jo about their relationship status.

Lala, however, wasn’t having it, and she came for Schwartz for making Jo feel “f—king nuts.”

“The show made it seem this way? Something was happening to make her feel [that way],” Lala argued. “You were having sex with her on a regular basis.”

Ariana also questioned why Schwartz refused to call his connection with Jo a “relationship.” Lala jumped in to accuse Schwartz of mentally manipulating Jo.

“It is wild to watch you gaslight her. You are saying all these [positive things] but you can’t call it a relationship,” she noted. “Now we care about disrespecting Jo?”

Jo agreed that Schwartz wasn’t as forthcoming about his intentions. He has since moved on with Sophia Skoro. As for Jo, she said she wanted to date Aaron Rodgers or John Mayer next.

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Scheana Is Shocked Summer Isn’t the Star of the Season

While introducing a segment, Andy told the group, “I want to talk about the real star of Vanderpump Rules this season.” Scheana, however, said she expected Andy to call her daughter, Summer, the star. Andy called Summer a “close second,” which Scheana joked made her feel “offended.”

James Attacks Sandoval for Making It Seem Like Ariana Took Their Pets Away

VPR Season 11 Reunion Part 2 Ariana Calls Out Lala Tom Schwartz Is Accused of Gaslighting and More 345
Griffen Nagel/Bravo

After their breakup, Ariana gained custody of the cat and dog that lived with her and Sandoval.

“I got Kitty — she’s probably 15 now — before I even moved to Los Angeles,” she explained. “Mya was purchased by me and all of that was in my name.”

James came to Ariana’s defense when he saw Sandoval’s response, saying, “You roll your eyes like that but you were totally fine when Raquel took Graham from me and you became his secret new daddy. Getting your dick wet for seven months. I wouldn’t have said anything right now if you weren’t rolling your eyes thinking that what she is saying isn’t completely accurate.”

Sandoval replied: “I am keeping my mouth shut about things I have heard. And they add up.”

Looking Ahead

VPR Season 11 Reunion Part 2 Ariana Calls Out Lala Tom Schwartz Is Accused of Gaslighting and More 348
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

According to the trailer, Andy revealed that the Bravo producers “intentionally” didn’t send the last few minutes of the finale to the group. Instead, they wanted everyone to watch it together. Snippets from the third part of the finale showed several arguments.

“If you don’t give a f—k about your position on this show, I am going to need you to give a s—t about mine,” Lala told someone.

In a separate scene, Sandoval got emotional while speaking with Ariana, saying, “I did the thing that I said I would never do to you. And I regret it every day.” Sandoval was sobbing while Ariana got emotional as well, saying, “I just want you away from me. I just want you gone.”

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