Ali Fedotowsky: Living with Roberto Made Me Gain Weight

Celebrity Body Jan. 10, 2011 AT 11:39AM

Ali Fedotowsky has learned first-hand the con to living with her fiance, Roberto Martinez, 27: Bad eating habits.

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"He's sitting there ordering pizzas and eating ice cream, and I'm like, 'Gimme some!'" the 26-year-old told at the shoot for Us Weekly's Top Transformations.

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After just six weeks of sharing junk food with her love, Fedotowsky's clothes became snug. "Since then I've made a lot of lifestyle changes," the former Bachelorette told Us. "I realize it's not about dieting necessarily, it's really about making a change in your life."

For workouts, Fedotowsky rarely goes to the gym. Instead she relies on hikes with interval training and exercising at home.

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"I like to get workout DVDs that are really hard. I really like Physique 57. It's 57 minutes of torture," she said. "But it's so good I still can't get through the DVD!"

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