Ali Fedotowsky has learned first-hand the con to living with her fiance, Roberto Martinez, 27: Bad eating habits.

"He's sitting there ordering pizzas and eating ice cream, and I'm like, 'Gimme some!'" the 26-year-old told at the shoot for Us Weekly's Top Transformations.

After just six weeks of sharing junk food with her love, Fedotowsky's clothes became snug. "Since then I've made a lot of lifestyle changes," the former Bachelorette told Us. "I realize it's not about dieting necessarily, it's really about making a change in your life."

For workouts, Fedotowsky rarely goes to the gym. Instead she relies on hikes with interval training and exercising at home.

"I like to get workout DVDs that are really hard. I really like Physique 57. It's 57 minutes of torture," she said. "But it's so good I still can't get through the DVD!"