Cher Reveals All Her Romantic Conquests

Cher was in a kiss-and-tell mood Thursday on the Late Show With David Letterman, where she dished on all her rumored romantic conquests.

Asked if Warren Beatty and Tom Cruise rumors were true, the Burlesque star, 64, replied, “Yeah.”

Elvis Presley? “Almost,” she said. “I got nervous, yeah.”

“So you never actually went out with him?” Letterman asked.

“No, but I wish that I had,” Cher replied. “Marlon Brando, too – I wished I had.”

Letterman continued with his list.

Gene Simmons?”

Smiling, Cher quickly replied “Yes,” and then joked, “What is this, ‘This Is My Life in Men?’ It’s come to that? That’s beneath you – well, no, that’s not true.”