Friend: Paris Hilton "Wears the Pants" in Relationship With Doug

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Doug Reinhardt has nothing on his girlfriend.

When it comes to their relationship, Paris Hilton's friend and former partying pal Richie Rich says the socialite is in charge.

"I've never met Doug, but I can tell you that she wears the pants!" he told at the NYC premiere of The Runaways on Wednesday. "She calls the shots! I just hope he's good to her."

The two -- who have managed to stay out of the press for the past few months, aside from some table dancing here and there -- have been dating on-and-off for a year, and Rich seems to want them to wed.

"A huge, classical, theatric sort of wedding!" the designer tells Us. "She has great style and great taste."

Could Hilton be ready to walk down the aisle soon?

Last April, she declared she'd wed the former Hills star, saying: "He's going to be my husband ... I'm really in love and really happy."