How to Get Ricki Lake's Lean, Sexy Legs

How to Get Ricki Lake's Lean, Sexy Legs

Ricki Lake lost an impressive 20 pounds during her 2011 stint on Dancing With the Stars, and has kept the weight off in the months since.

A Bar Method devotee, Lake -- who eloped with jewelry designer Christian Evans April 8 -- turns to the company's easy and efficient moves to stay in shape.

Here, Bar Method New York City studio owners Kristin Kelleher and Amy Duffey show Us Weekly how to complete the Parallel Thigh move, which elongates, narrows and tones quad muscles.


To get the most out of the exercise, Kelleher and Duffey suggest stretching immediately after the routine while your muscles are still warm.

Watch above as Duffey demonstrates the ideal form for this exercise, which should be performed three-to-five times per week in order to see results.