Hot Stuff: Donald Trump Says Angelina's "No Great Beauty"

· Trump also wants to know: how did Angelina Jolie go from kissing her brother to representing the United Nations?

· Just what Star Wars fans need: more new stuff to cast doubt upon the quality of the old.

· Rihanna looks like she's fresh off a dance audition. Britney just held dance auditions. Coincidence? ....Yes. · If you're going to commit a crime, get booked in Los Angeles.

· Derek Jeter's post-season trysts park free (after a fight) at Miami's Shore Club.

· When Marissa Cooper died, did Mischa Barton's career die too? Watch the trailer for her new russian lesbian band movie, and decide! · Gwen Stefani is a Swedish Chef fan. Bork Bork!

· Ben Affleck interviews Hillary Clinton, and their mutual admiration is so great that they deserve an Affleckian hybrid-name: Bennary.