Lady Gaga Wears Outrageous Houndstooth Outfit on The View

Holy houndstooth!

Lady Gaga must really love the sophisticated black-and-white printed look she spotted on the Salvatore Ferragmo Fall 2010 runway, because the singer wore it from head to toe when she appeared as a guest host on The View Monday.

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Her eye-popping ensemble included a houndstooth silk dress with matching accessories including painted python pumps, glasses, a hat, makeup (she had the pattern drawn on her face) and a clutch (which she perched atop her houndstooth piano). Even her microphone and interview cue cards were houndstooth (she said she stayed up all night creating them).

In addition to chatting with the ladies about drugs (she admitted than she smokes marijuana), her diet (she eats healthy food, but loves meat and Italian cuisine) and fame the 25-year-old superstar performed the song "You and I" from her "Born This Way" album.