Andy Cohen

Full Name: Andy Cohen
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Relationship Status: Single
Birthday: June 2, 1968

Sorry, Jersey: “I dress for the city,” says the classic-preppy clotheshorse and TV host who’s refereed pyrotechnic Real Housewives reunions. “New York definitely raises the bar in terms of how you dress, and you know, you just want to meet that bar.” Getting older and splurgier: “I crossed some threshold at the age of 37 where I was willing to spend a lot more money on clothes,” says Cohen, 41, who’s lived in New York for the past 19 years. “And going on TV has made me step up my game. I love color and I love a great suit.” Make that many great suits. “I try not to repeat my suits on air, especially given the amount of repeating Bravo does!” Cohen says. Favorite stores: Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Seize Sur Vingt (“I bought a custom-made blue pinstripe sportscoat there several years ago that was ridiculously expensive — but I still get compliments on it. And it’s cashmere and it’s great.”).