Jessica Biel's Key Pendant Necklace -- Just $99!

Credit: BLRP PIPE/Ginsburg-Spaly

I love receiving gifts, especially when the word diamond is attached. And right now I'm really into wearing keys. There's something cute and seductive about them at the same time. This is super cute and so similar to those Tiffany keys, I just felt the need to write about them. J'adore.

This One Kiss Key Diamond-Accent Key Pendant is from Cindy Crawford's line that she designs for JCPenney. I love that she's branding herself from jewelry to home furnishings -- and this item is a very nice piece. It's classic and timeless -- and at $99.99, a whole lot less than the Tiffany's version! I actually like to layer several pendants on top of each other on one necklace.

I love the style and the price of this One Kiss version -- I'd probably layer my kids' initials or some other cute little nothings on the chain -- but too many keys and I might look like a superintendent!

Buy it here.

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