PIC: Check Out Miley's Giant New Ribcage Tattoo

Credit: X17online.com

Tat's Miley!

Miley Cyrus got stamped with some fresh ink recently -- and showed it off in L.A. on Wednesday.

Following a visit to a local tattoo parlor, the Hannah Montana star, 18, flaunted a giant, colorful new tattoo on her ribcage. (More pics at X17.)

Cyrus wore just the outfit to showcase it: an oversized white T shirt strategically ripped to show a glimpse of her midsection.

It's not the "Can't Be Tamed" singer's first foray into body art, either: In December 2009, at age 17, she sported a tattoo reading "Just Breathe" on her upper chest.

(The legal age to get inked in the U.S. is 18, but Cyrus may have gotten a permission slip from her parents.)

In June, she revealed a "Love" stamp on the inner part of her right ear.