Recessionista: Stretchy Stems

Credit: Splash News Online

Everyone in Hollywood seems to be covered by a pair of denim leggings. Ashley Tisdale, Kate Moss, Kristin Cavallari and Kristin Stewart are all over the hot trend.

But the truth is, unless you have a super-slim waist, a lot of what they're wearing won't make it past your hip. Luckliy, Old Navy sensed that some of us still want to be current and cute but need a little help with a lot of stretch. And if that's not too much to ask, we'd like to spend a lot less bucks. (Try $16.50!)

Available in denim blue and black, these leggings are sized extra-small to XXL. Ankle zippers make the leggings -- which can be worn with booties and under tunics -- more modern than a standard pair of tights. And, let's be honest, after the holidays and all of that pudding and pie, it's nice to be chic and fashionable and still be able to just breathe!

- 60% cotton, 34% polyester, 6% spandex
- Machine washable
- Imported
- Elastic waistband
- 6" zippers at ankles

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