Which Swimsuit Looks Hotter on Rihanna?

One-piece or two?

Rihanna beached it up in Barbados this past weekend when she made a stop along her LOUD concert tour route in her homeland for an August 5th concert.

Happy to be home in her native Caribbean island, the "S&M" singer kicked back with family and friends for some much-needed R & R. "My home, my country, my people... BARBADOS!" she tweeted.

On August 4, the 23-year-old spent the day cruising on jet skis while rocking a teeny white bikini that showed off her amazingly sculpted body. Two days later, she was all smiles in an orange tie-dye one piece bathing suit with Bob Marley emblazoned on the front.

In Vogue's April issue, Rihanna opened up about her relationship with her body, and why she wasn't afraid to show a little skin. "For the first time, I don't want to get rid of the curves," she said. "My body is comfortable, and it's not unhealthy, so I'm going to rock it."

Which of Rihanna's Swimsuits Is Hotter?


Which of Rihanna's Swimsuits Is Hotter?

The Bob Marley one-piece
The mini string bikini
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