Maria Sharapova's Shocking Hair Cut Was a Wig!


After posting a pic of her new super-short haircut on Facebook, Maria Sharapova received nearly 15,000 comments and more than 50,000 likes from her fans Monday.

But it turns out her cropped 'do was actually a wig. Late Tuesday the tennis pro shared another photo of her with her signature long blonde hair, and the following explanation:

"My hair is still long … and blonde … and well it's pretty much the same,” she wrote. "We did a shoot a few days ago and I sported all types of hairstyles … long and yes short (a wig!). When I posted those photos with the short hair I had no idea everyone would go all bananza … (my dear friends, I never actually said I cut my hair!)."

Bummer since 84 percent of Us Weekly readers said they prefer the star with short hair.