Kelly Rowland Shares Her Abs Workout With Us!

Celebrity Body May. 30, 2012 AT 3:00PM

Looking to score some pop diva-worthy abs of your own?

Kelly Rowland breaks down her favorite moves for getting a toned, tight middle--fast.

The "Down for Whatever" singer, 31, admits she works hard for her impressive six-pack. "I do 45 minutes of abs work every night," Rowland tells Us Weekly about her routine. Her favorite exercises are the "Burn-It Bicycles," the former UK X Factor judge reveals.

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"I love 'em!" Rowland exclaims. "When I first started working with [trainer] Jeanette [Jenkins] she would make me do 25 in one set. Now, I do 50."

What has her takeaway been from her work with Jenkins?

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"I use my core for everything. Absolutely everything," Rowland tells Us about the importance of keeping those muscles fit. "When I'm dancing on stage, when I'm walking around. I have to make sure that my core is strong, it's tight."

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