Kelly Rowland Shares Her Abs Workout With Us!

Kelly Rowland Shares Her Abs Workout With Us!

Looking to score some pop diva-worthy abs of your own?

Kelly Rowland breaks down her favorite moves for getting a toned, tight middle--fast.

The "Down for Whatever" singer, 31, admits she works hard for her impressive six-pack. "I do 45 minutes of abs work every night," Rowland tells Us Weekly about her routine. Her favorite exercises are the "Burn-It Bicycles," the former UK X Factor judge reveals.

"I love 'em!" Rowland exclaims. "When I first started working with [trainer] Jeanette [Jenkins] she would make me do 25 in one set. Now, I do 50."

What has her takeaway been from her work with Jenkins?

"I use my core for everything. Absolutely everything," Rowland tells Us about the importance of keeping those muscles fit. "When I'm dancing on stage, when I'm walking around. I have to make sure that my core is strong, it's tight."