Kendra Wilkinson: How I Lost 40 Pounds

Kendra Wilkinson: How I Lost 40 Pounds

Just how did Kendra Wilkinson lose her baby weight?

With a lot of hard work and trips to the gym "no matter what," she told at the shoot for Us Weekly's Top Transformations.

As the star of E!'s Kendra, Wilkinson says she usually logs 30 minutes to an hour in the gym for four days of the week. If it's in the morning, she'll have a harder, longer workout. If it's at night, she explains, she'll just do simple stretches and a good run.

"When I work out I just go based off of how I feel," the 25-year-old mother told Us. "It depends on how I'm feeling and what I did the night before."

Although she used to give into temptation, Wilkinson has found a way to fight them. "I take a little bite instead of the whole thing."

With 40 pounds lost, the hard work is paying off. "I feel like I'm on my way after a good workout to a body I love," she told Us.