25 Most Stylish New Yorkers: DJ Kiss

Credit: Dario Cantatore/Getty Images

Name: DJ Kiss

Occupation: DJ

City Kiss: A favorite of the fashion crowd and music industry insiders -- spinning private parties for Madonna, Diddy, and Rihanna -- Louisiana native DJ Kiss has become a nightlife icon of sexy-meets-classic NYC chic in her ten years here. "I take my New York style with me wherever I go," she says. "Everyone has their own murky, different, specific look here. You'll see a hipster and they'll be hipster well dressed, then you'll see a corporate America type, and they're well dressed for that genre. Everyone knows their role and really dresses accordingly."

High points: "I definitely try to emphasize my legs, because I've always been a tall, tall girl," says Kiss, who can rock a dance floor as masterfully as a mini and sky-high stilettos.

Magic bag: "I tend to be really careful about buying pieces that I know will last beyond a season." The latest was a "super-rich brown" Balanciaga bag with gold hardware. "I totally couldn't wait for fall, so I've been wearing it during the last couple of weeks and I'm kind of mad at myself about that."

"I really, really love Alexander Wang, because you put his stuff on, and you're just the coolest person in the room. You're too cool for school."