25 Most Stylish New Yorkers: Swizz Beatz

Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

Name: Swizz Beatz

Occupation: Producer; rapper; designer

Brave heart: The South Bronx-raised star, who married New Yorker Alicia Keys in the most stylish match of the summer, describes his look as "authentic, unorthodox, trendsetting. New York just makes you feel brave. You might wear a turquoise shirt with a bow tie and throw on some Tom Ford shades and call it a day."

A fashionable fall: "I love H&M. I love Barneys," says Swizz, whose fall projects include working with Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Lenny Kravitz, designing for Christian Louboutin and Ashton Martin, and, of course, expecting a baby with Alicia. "I am big into custom stuff, too. I like having the tailor make me something up."

Carry on: "My style changes, but I always have to have my music bag with me. It's a Nike. It's the truth. It holds my computer, holds all the equipment, holds the headphones. That's the bag."

"My favorite color is red. It just pops, it makes a statement. I like Kanye's all-red suit, with the chains. He took the risk. I like people who take the risk with fashion."