Christina Aguilera’s Rhinestone Eyes: Hot or Not?

Being the only female judge on The Voice, Christina Aguilera doesn't have to do much to stand out from her male counterparts (except for maybe Cee-Lo Green).

However, the 30-year-old singer used the show as an opportunity to experiment with a slew of unique beauty looks including a triple braid (one big side plait with two smaller versions) that created a ton of buzz on Twitter.

And on the red carpet for the show's finale on Tuesday night, she tried out another usual effect: rhinestones along her lash line. It's unclear whether the sparkles were attached to her false lashes or glued to her lids.

Last week, Aguilera was spotted leaving a recording studio with a crimped hairstyle, which 51 percent of Us Weekly readers thought was a fun 80s-inspired look.

Now it's time to vote on her rhinestone-adorned eyes!

Christina's Rhinestone Eye Effect: Hot or Not?


Christina's Rhinestone Eye Effect: Hot or Not?

Hot! It's a fun look
Not! It's too much
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