Eddie Cibrian Gives LeAnn Rimes Fashion Advice

Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Someone's in touch with his feminine side!

LeAnn Rimes' hubby Eddie Cibrian accompanied her to a Monique Lhuillier show Thursday night during NYC's Fashion Week. The Playboy Club star looked perfectly at ease sitting in the front row. But he's not exactly in the dark when it comes to women's fashion: he constantly weighs in on Rimes' wardrobe!

"I give her fashion advice all the time," Cibrian, 38, told E! News

"We both have [given each other advice]," Rimes, 29, added laughingly. "I think if we get each other's approval, that's all that matters."

And Rimes' hubby is definitely a fan of her looks. "I think she looks wonderful," Cibrian told Extra last month, when asked if the country star was too thin. "She is very healthy, and to me -- perfect."