Find Out the '70s Style Stars Are Raving About!

Credit: Lorenzo Santini/Getty Images

I'm sorry, but I am completely obsessed with these high-heeled clogs. Thank you, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, for thinking of me and throwing them up on the spring runways. And thank you, Alexa Chung, for daring to wear them. I just can't get enough. I guess it's just something from the '70s that I loved the most as a kid -- seeing all these people, including myself, walking around Greenwich Village in these big clunky shoes.

I love these though because, believe it or not, they are comfortable. (Warning: They may only  be comfortable for those who are used to this type of height. I have been training for this!)

If you can't stand something this high, then obviously don't do it -- you'll never wear them. But if you do dig it, then you can skip the french clogs and go over to Zara immediately -- or call them -- and ask for the high-heel, strapped clog for $149.

It will be worth it if you love it.

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