JWOWW Shows Off Breast Implants in Bikini

Celebrity Style Apr. 22, 2010 AT 1:08PM
JWOWW Shows Off Breast Implants in Bikini Credit: Larry Marano/Getty Images

Wow - look at JWOWW!

The 23-year-old reality star (real name: Jenni Farley) continued filming the second season of MTV's Jersey Shore Wednesday in Miami Beach.

She spiced things up by stepping out in a bikini, with her infamous implants on full display. (Costar Nicole "Snookiā€¯ Polizzi" decided to stay covered up.)

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JWOWW recently told Harper's Bazaar she has no shame about getting bigger breasts.

"I'd do it every year if I could," she said.

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But on The View in February, she said she had no immediate plans to upgrade.

Said JWOWW (who got her implants when she was "younger"): "At a certain age you can only get saline not silicone. That's the only thing I would consider ... switching them."

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