Kim Kardashian Wears Princess Leia Costume With Kanye West

Nice buns, Kim! 

Kim Kardashian donned an iconic Princess Leia costume for a sketch in Alligator Boots, a Comedy Central TV pilot. During her guest role, the newlywed, 30, shared the screen with Kanye West and a crude puppet.

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Kardashian, 30, showed off her toned tummy and wore the Star Wars' character's iconic golden top and braided buns. During a musical sketch, the puppet, Beary White, made very forward sexual comments towards the reality star; West, 34, halted the bear's inappropriate advances.

Later on in the clip, Kardashian's Leia character tells West: "Remember that bear? The one who wanted to [do dirty things with me]? Well, I'm gonna go let him." 

Off-stage, Kardashian laughed about her role. "It's nothing new," she quipped. "I play with puppets all the time at home!"

The hip-hop, comedy puppet show -- which was co-created by West -- never made it past the pilot stage, according to The Daily Mail. Click here to watch the entire clip.