Madonna vs. Kathy Griffin: Who Wore It Best?

Celebrity Style Feb. 4, 2012 AT 11:43AM
Madonna vs. Kathy Griffin: Who Wore It Best? Credit:
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Kathy Griffin
49% 2651
51% 2811

It's an LBD battle!

Kathy Griffin rang in 2012 with Anderson Cooper in New York City's Times Square wearing a chic black leather Gucci dress, and as it turns out, she has very good taste.

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On Monday, Madonna, 53, turned up in an appearance on Cooper's eponymous talk show wearing the very same design.

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"Bitch stole my look," Griffin, 51, sniped via Twitter after realizing the match. "I hope Joan Rivers sees this!"

Griffin may have worn it first, but who wore it best? Tell Us!

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