Officials: Alexander McQueen High on Cocaine, Tranquilizers When He Hanged Himself

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Alexander McQueen

Designer Alexander McQueen was high on cocaine, tranquilizers and sleeping pills when he hanged himself in February, an inquest into his death has concluded.

"The balance of his mind was disturbed,"coroner Paul Knapman told the BBC. McQueen's death has been ruled a suicide.

The BBC reports that the 40-year-old designer was under pressure at work and "overwhelmed with grief" at the recent death of his mother, Joyce, when he killed himself.

The Gucci Group, which owned McQueen's company, released a statement: "Whatever the circumstances of his passing, Lee will be remembered by all of us who had the privilege of calling him a colleague and friend as a rare talent, a true genius and brilliant creative force."