Recessionista: Chugga Chugga

These are so cute!

I saw these and immediately got that zombie glazed-over look that kids get when they are magically transported to the world of Thomas the Tank Engine and the Island of Sodor. Usually, I would post less expensive versions of chic boots, but I don’t like to profile cheap shoes for kids when their feet are growing. Plus, I love these $37 boots, and the kids will love them -- especially when they see that the actual Thomas face is raised.

And what’s good is that these will take you through a season and then you’ll be magically exported to another trend!

The color is so vibrant and cheerful. Your kids will thank you. There are absolutely no rules here. Ah, to be a kid again!

Thomas the Tank Engine Rain Boots

- 100 percent waterproof
- Full net lining
- Deluxe non-slip sole
- Steel shank
- Sizes available in Toddler/Youth

Buy it here.