Recessionista: Hollywood Intuition

Behold a line that was made for this site: the Target and Hollywoodintuition line hitting stores this Sunday! Priced between $2.99 to $29.99!!!!!

It's everything you need to get your inner Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes and all of those other Hollywood hotties who shop at Jaye's store, Intuition, on!

"It" bags with flava, small leather goods in bright colors that look luxe, oversized eyewear the size of dishplates - which I love and adore - stackable, peace and love bangles and stretch bracelets, tie-dyed's endless.

And you can shop and shop and still have some money left over to re-hydrate. Synchronize your timepieces because I am sure this will start to fly off the shelves.

Purchase Info: Available at Target stores nationwide