Snag Audrina Partridge's Grey Skinnies for $15

Credit: Norman Scott/

Jeans are so expensive. It’s kind of ridiculous.

I get everything that everyone says (limited edition fabric, dye. Production overseas, labor, blaablaablaa!), but let’s face it: It’s $200 and up for two legs and stretch cotton. It's not even leather!

Here, Audrina Patridge, who looks good in just about anything, is wearing Bongo, a line she represents. And I have to say, we love it!

These Bongo jeans look just as good as anything we can buy at Barneys. The fit is great, the stretch is perfect and at $15, the price is so right. The jeans come in sizes 0 to 17.

And who wouldn’t mind looking like her for a day?

Bongo Jeans are available at Kmart and Sears.

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